Frenzy and Mayhem 10 Milers

It’s been a long- 8 month running slog of injury, sickness, and recovery. While training for last spring’s Mesquite Canyon race with the infamous Goat Camp slog, I strained my upper hamstring tendon. I’ve been battling that injury all summer long. This battle lead to a full month away from the trails for a mental... Continue Reading →


Knowing When to Quit – The Cave Creek Thriller 24k Race

Over the years of Trail Running, I’ve DNS’d (Did Not Start) and DNF’d (Did Not Finish) my fair share of races. Generally, illness or injury makes a DNS a pretty clear- cut choice. But knowing when to quit during a race you have already started can be a more difficult decision. I hadn’t been this... Continue Reading →

The Sinister 9km Race Recap

What you do in the hours prior to even starting you race, can make or break it. And I’m not talking about training here, but nutrition. I was reminded of this during a pre-race discussion with two amazing ultrarunners- both of whom had visited the ER after races (as I have). They said that it... Continue Reading →

Mesquite Canyon 30k – Take Two

This morning was the Mesquite Canyon 30k race at the White Tank Mountains in Waddell, AZ. Folks that have run this race, know that the warning given on the race website that says, “This is a very tough, rocky, mountainous trail run!”, is no exaggeration. And with a sudden shift in temperatures in the last... Continue Reading →

The San Tan Scramble 26k

With my last two races not going quite as planned, I was hoping for a breakout race where everything lined up perfectly and my recent shift in running longer distances and adding extra strength training, would be reflected. But, with nausea kicking in at just 3 miles, this was a race that almost wasn’t… The... Continue Reading →

McDowell Mountain Frenzy 25k

I knew this race was gonna hurt. And it most definitely did. But it was also gorgeous and exhilarating and amazing. When my alarm went off at 5am and I could hear the wind rattling the window of our house, I knew that my asthma might become an issue. What with the recent change in... Continue Reading →

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